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Ever since we began the withdrawals and concessions the
Arab and international pressure on Israel only intensified.
Terrorism and the murder of Jews increased tenfold
and the security of Israel’s residents continued to erode.

September 1993:

Oslo agreement signed, Israel withdraws from Gaza and Jericho.
Palestinian terrorism escalates tenfold, the number of fatalities and casualties in terror attacks multiply fourfold .

October 1995:

Signature of Oslo II, the Palestinians receive autonomy in many parts of the territories and security control in Area A.
Buses are blown up in central Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, hundreds killed thousands wounded.

July 2000:

At Camp David Israel agrees to withdraw from 93% of territories from Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.
Outbreak of second intifada. Terrorism reaches unprecedented heights. Some 1500 Israeli casualties in two years of suicide bombings and shootings.

August 2005:

Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip, uproots the settlements in Gush Katif and northern Samaria.
2 million southern residents are placed in the range of Palestinian missiles that reach until Rishon Lezion and Tel Aviv. Terror cells intensify and arm, the territories that were handed over become shooting positions. Every round of negotiations and withdrawals thrusts us all into a daily life-threatening terror.

The equation is clear: concession and withdrawal = bloodshed and an existential threat.
This equation was written long ago ...
and it also predicts what will happen if G-d forbid there will be another withdrawal.
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This equation was written long ago
in the Code of Jewish Law
It is clearly stated in the Code of Law, the authoritative guide to Jewish daily life, Volume Orach Chaim Chapter 329
The Torah has determined long ago that it is impossible to bring peace or strengthen security by withdrawing from areas under Israeli control. Experience has repeatedly shown that every withdrawal brings bloodshed. This forecast has materialized before our eyes time and time again. The result of the next withdrawal is clear to all. The terrorist attacks and the firing of rockets that we saw until now will become “kids play” compared to what awaits us G-d forbid. The planned withdrawal, G-d forbid, will bring the terrorists to the door of our homes.
The question is not what does John Kerry want or what will the European Union say, or what will be the wording of the “recognition of the Jewish State” All this is irrelevant.
The question is are we going to risk lives, this time the lives of all of us.
Rabbis in Israel are crying out:
One more withdrawal – and we’re gone!
350 rabbis in Israel have determined in unequivocal terms:
it is absolutely forbidden to relinquish territory currently under Jewish control because it will lead to bloodshed and place us all in mortal danger. Jewish Law states this. Defense experts confirm this. We all feel it.

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